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xoxo being bored. stolen from andrea ;)

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i can’t wait till i’m sitting on the beach in hawaii with my headphones on and just staring out into the ocean with the soft ocean breeze blowing pass me and just watching the beautiful ocean and just enjoying everything about hawaii wow. and i want to buy a ukelele, but i suck at every instrument i play. don’t i wish i never gave up the guitar?

the sad life of i don’t like being used vs i end up letting them use me anyways.

can uni just be over and done with,
can spring and festival season just start omg.
great things are always to come when september arrives,
one of which being my birthday. goodbye my ‘freshie’ legal age.

summer vacation needs to come already,
stereosonic, few days after to singapore for zouk out festi, then to hawaii, then back in Perth the day before NYE in time for 2 days of origin festi, and then summadayze a few days after? not to mention P’s in feb.  my plan, depending on origin and summadayze’s line up.

nevertheless, i might die this summer. and i need to start going back to my exercise routine. im too fat for summer.  (hit me if I don’t go a few skin shades darker by the end of summer, cause i must be alien if i ain’t going darker with this much sun exposure)

fuck i can’t ever stop reblogging cats whenever one pops up on my dashboard, they are so adorable and fk, im suppose to be a dog person god dammit, but recently the past year i just been fken obsessed with cat pictures and videos and they are the most adorable things in the world, if i had one i wouldn’t need anyone else, just me and my cat against the world. god i could just watch them for hours, i think crazy cat woman is kicking in. Must be cause i come down to the fact that i am actually forever alone. i actually wouldn’t mind having many cats around my lonely self when i grow up. i think i would be living the dream. meow meowww

When someone is arguing and they end up spelling every second word wrong, and not to mention the horrid grammar. I don’t care if you’re using your phone or you’re so angry you are making typos, but you are making yourself look ridiculous and it’s making the earth cry. I don’t even understand how you could be spelling the words you spell wrong.. Maybe it’s called “chat speak” or some shit, but all that runs through my mind is “bogan”. It’s making me cry for this Earth that you spell the simpliest words wrong and use it all incorrectly, and not only for fights, but daily use! So many times i facepalm myself as i scroll through the contents of facebook. I guess this is how it goes down once we reach university? Why do so many people just suddenly dumb down?

Not to mention I just realized, how did so many people suddenly turn into sluts when they reached unniversity? Was it always embedded in them, and I just never saw that side to them? And suddenly when they reach university, bam, the slut rises and comes out to partay. Or is it just society together being slutty as a slut muffin?

I just had to rant.

bored times arrived. takes me fken ages to find a movie and actually watch it, or shall I torture myself with a chick flick i have seen.

oh god wheres my Alex. I want to be the exception to the rule too.

I love it when people are affectionate with me. I like when they always invite me places, or text me, or call me, I wouldn’t even mind if they blew up my fb wall with hearts and what not. I would rather have that person than someone who makes me text them first all the time and replies back like 10 hours later.

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